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The facilities and amenities of a property will entice prospective residents into getting that dream home. For most of the your leisure time, enjoying these amenities right in your own home is the best way to spend it. At Terrazas de Valencia, your will look forward to spending your time to unwind here with your family.

For the outdoors, there are 2 pools available – the adult pool and the kiddie pool. There is a pool deck, too. Families can plan and go on with weekend bonding sessions here. They need not go out of their condominium as they can unwind a few steps away from home. Schedule your swimming parties, Chill out in the sun. Sip your favorite coolers. Read a book or sunbathe. Whatever it is that fancies you, go ahead. Breathe in all the relaxed vibes coming your way. Children will surely swim to their hearts’ content. Adults can have good conversations over their favorite tropical chillers while watching over their kids.

Indoor facilities are available, too. There is a Multi-Purpose room that the residents and their guests can use for maybe meetings or reunions. A Day Care Center is also within the community for those parents who are both working and without a nanny. They can leave their kids in this center and they would be taken cared of. For the health buffs, take heart. There is a gym with yoga area. Do your stretching here. Bond with your family members for early morning workouts. Jump, jog, walk, run, crunch, flex, bend and just do your daily routines to keep you all fit and nimble. After all, as they say, “The family that works out together, stay healthy together.” Enjoy this as a bonding opportunity as well. For the kids, they have their own play area where they can do their rough play and games that they can enjoy while in the area. Kids can bond with their neighbors’ kids and this is also one way of developing their social skills. Best of all, you won’t have to go outside your own home to be able to do this – a few steps and you can enjoy all these features.

With these amenities – how can you go wrong? What’s more – the property has certain building facilities and services that would surely please the residents. Among these facilities include: fire detection and alarm system, automatic fire suppression system, CCTV systems, guest annunciator system or intercom audio as well as generators giving 25% back-up power in case of power failures. There are 3 elevators available: 2 for passengers and 1 is for service elevator. Telephone and cable TV lines are also available per unit. Other services are the following: garbage rooms, mail room, a driver’s lounge or waiting area and a building admin and security office. If you’re on the lookout for amenities – this community definitely has everything in it.

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